Dataevolve follows a NO QUESTIONS ASKED FULL REFUND subject to the following conditions Dataevolve will issue a full refund to any customer who requests cancellation of service before any work or service has been done on the customer's device.
Dataevolve will not issue a refund for any payments made for a previous month's service as agreed upon with a monthly service plan, however Dataevolve may issue a full or partial refund, at its sole discretion, for the most recent month's monthly service fees.
Dataevolve will issue a full refund for any services not performed as initially agreed upon, or if services were not able to be performed because of a lost connection or lost communication. However, Dataevolve will not issue a refund once services have been completed as initially agreed upon. Once work has been performed on your device, Dataevolve will, at its discretion, issue a full or partial refund only if the customer has not received service as agreed upon.
You agree that any requests for refund must be made with 5 calendar days from the date of initial service on your device. Within that 5 calendar day period, you have the right to inform Dataevolve of any issues that were not correctly addressed or resolved when work was performed on your device. If you do not make a claim of any additional issues within the 5 calendar day window, you the customer waive the right to additional service for issues that arise at a later date.
If you the customer do report an issue with 5 calendar days from the date of service, Dataevolve agrees to either submit a full refund if any unresolved issues cannot be corrected. Dataevolve will take all possible action to remedy the problem on your device. However, if Dataevolve cannot resolve the issue for any reason, it reserves the right to cancel the service agreement and issue a refund for services not rendered.
You, the customer, agree that you will not attempt to obtain a refund once your issue has been fully resolved and you have signed the service completion agreement.


Dataevolve will work with any customer, who paid for a one-time service and cleaning plan, for a period of up to 7 calendar days, at its discretion, to help

Category Refund Eligible
Period after Payment
Refund Amount
Any Product < 24 Hours cooling off period 100%
Instant Support > 24 Hours cooling off period At our discretion
Category Warranty Period
Any Product 1 Year

Resolve any lingering issues relating to the issue that the customer paid to resolve. Dataevolve will not perform work or services relating to new or unrelated device issues that arise after the initial service date, unless the customer is covered by a month service plan. Any and all services provided with the 7 calendar day window from the date of original one time service plan payment are provided as a courtesy of Dataevolve, and are not guaranteed or promised if Dataevolve chooses not to exercise additional service.

Once Dataevolve has completed service on your computer and has resolved any complaints and issues you might have been having, you agree that Dataevolve is released from all liability of future computer issues that you might encounter. If an existing customer requests additional help or reports additional problems after the initial order of service has been completed, Dataevolve will make reasonable efforts to assist the customer with any issue relating to the original problem that the customer was having.

Dataevolve will not perform any additional work or services for any customer once a period of 7 calendar days has passed from the date of first paid service of a one-time cleaning and service plan. If a customer wishes to receive service from Computer 360 LLC at any point after 7 calendar days after the initial service, the customer must pay the standard rate for service based on Dataevolve's current pricing model, or subscribe to a monthly service plan.

You acknowledge that all services provided by Dataevolve are limited to Dataevolve's regular business operating hours.


You authorize Dataevolve Services to charge the credit or debit card, or bank account, for services to be for either a flat fee, one-time cost, or a monthly recurring fee, depending on which service you have selected. If you select a monthly service package, further details and terms about the payment plan and duration of the service contract will be explained to you by a payment compliance service specialist at the time of registration. You will need to verbally agree to any monthly service plan before you are entered into a monthly service plan with recurring payment.

Monthly support fees range from $19.99 to $39.99 per month, depending on the service package selected. No monthly charges will occur unless a monthly service package has been agree to and recorded by a compliance service specialist. You agree that Dataevolve has the right to charge the payment method used for initial payment for your monthly membership fees. You may change which card is used for your monthly membership fees at any time by contacting customer service at You may also have the option to change which day each month the charges will occur, at Dataevolve's sole discretion. If no request is made, you will be charged for monthly service on the same numerical calendar day each month, corresponding to the numerical date of first payment for services. Please see the services page for more details on which features are contained within each plan.

You agree that your payment method on file will continue to be charged monthly until the date of termination of your monthly service plan with Dataevolve. You agree that you are responsible for any fees resulting in our service charged for internet usage or any other sort of data plan.

You agree not to engage in a chargeback or credit card charge dispute with the issuer of your credit or debit card once services has been rendered, and you agree to pay a penalty fee of 10% of the total amount paid for service if any such chargeback is initiated. You also agree to pay any attorneys or collections fees if a chargeback is initiated after services have been rendered or if any collection actions are necessary.


1. Will I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the service provided?
We have a no questions asked full money refund policy depending on the type of policy chosen by the customer. Please check the refund policy for details about how to apply for a refund.

2. How does Dataevolve Team help in resolving any issue which has re-occurred after a certain time period?
Our technical support team is available 24*7 through both the toll free number and also on chat. We will resolve any re-occurrence of the issue for which the customer has made a payment. If you have subscribed to a monthly retainer plan, we assure you that any problem occurrence within the subscription period will be resolved on a priority basis.

3. Grievance Redressal Contact Details.
If You have any complaint or grievance to report, please write to the Grievance Officer at